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Date: 03.11.2021                     Author: Adrian Ånnestad

Overview (UP) is a platform created to systemize and combine all the academic content needed to teach in every grade, making it easier for teachers to conduct quality education throughout the primary school system.

UP has succeeded in multiple milestones throughout 2020-2021 and gained several partners. To name a few, they won NÆRINGSTEFT innovation-scholarship of 1MNOK, as well as getting a start-up loan from Innovation Norway for 2.4MNOK. The company has partnered up with EdTech, Innovation Norway and Conexus to name a few. 


UP’s platform re(launched) a couple of months ago, and already has around 7000 users, which represents about 7% of the teachers in the Norwegian primary school system.



UP can be characterized as a niche-product, and there is nothing to accurately compare it to. The closest substitute is individual corriculums/teaching-plans being sold. 


Currently, primary school teachers have create their own academic content for each corriculum. This creates a situation that may lead to large gaps in education quality between schools. If schools start using UP’s platform & content, these disadvantages may diminish by providing all Norwegian primary schoolers with a better and always up to date learning cycle. 


The Norwegian education system is ripe for innovation & disruption, which is evident in the explosion of users on UP’s platform. AS

- UP creates "teaching-plans" freely accessible to subscribers on their online platform.

- 7000 active users a few months since re-launching the platform.

- Won start-up awards & has received public grants.

- Aims to continue strong user-growth, and ultimately disrupt the learning-sector as a whole. Has opted into a freemium-model in 2021 to continue growth.

UP has a clear objective and purpose. It is a major benefit that the company’s founder, Karen Wiik, has worked as teacher and therefore understands what kind of features are needed within the platform. Another benefit is that the platform is scalable towards other market segments where learning happens (corporate, sports, higher education) or internationally (with certain adjustments).

The fast growth relies heavily on the amount of interest in their platform. It will however be interesting to see if it continues to grow with the same pace after the freemium period ends. 

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