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Long-term Investing

The Company

Rosenlund & Company was established in 1988, and has since then been active in the Norwegian financial sector. Throughout its history, the company has had a particular focus on investing in technology.

In addition to investing in listed equity, we have experience in picking & aiding small companies grow. Our investment strategies typically target small-to-medium sized companies. 

Going forward, our focus on the tech-innovation will continue.

Our Strategy

We are continuing our investment strategies in listed companies, as well as private equity markets. We will invest in companies with a proven business model and high scalability both domestic and abroad. 

We are particularily looking for companies in the e-learning & healthcare sectors.

Are you and entrepreneur or business owner in the above mentioned sectors? Let's talk!


As a company, we strive to create a net positive outcome for our shareholders & society as a whole.

We achieve this by contributing to the creation of jobs & digital innovation. 

Rosenlund Insider

Rosenlund Insider publishes articles about companies, economic or political developments & sectors we find interesting.

We publish articles monthly. Follow us on SoMe, and you will be notified when we publish new articles.

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