We Invest In Proven Business Models With High Scalability

Rosenlund & Company invests in small to medium sized companies in Norway, and equity listed on Scandinavian stock exchanges.

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We invest significant time in understanding companies, including their challenges & potential.


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As a company, we strive to create a net positive outcome for our shareholders, entrepreneurs & society as a whole.

We achieve this by contributing to the creation of jobs, digital innovation & lowering emissions through targeted investments.

Rosenlund Insider

Rosenlund Insider publishes articles about companies, economic or political developments & sectors we find interesting. 

We release two articles per month, so be sure to follow us on our SoMe-platforms to be notified.

About Us

We have experience in picking & helping small companies grow. Our investment strategies typically targets small-to-medium sized companies. 


Going forward, our focus on the tech-sector will continue.

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