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More than 90% shares converted


More than 90% of shares in Rosenlund Bryggerier AS have been submitted for conversion to Rosenlund & Co AS shares.


Extraordinary Shareholder Meeting 16/12/2021


There will be held an extraordinary shareholder meeting on the 16th of December 2021 for Rosenlund & Co. Invitation to the meeting have been e-mailed to shareholders and is additionally available for download under the page 'Investor Relations'.

Business Meeting

Offer to buy shares in Rosenlund & Co using shares in Rosenlund Bryggerier


An offer has been sent out to remaining shareholders in Rosenlund Bryggerier AS to buy shares in Rosenlund & Co AS, using shares in Rosenlund Bryggerier AS.


Junior Analyst at Rosenlund finishes with 20% return in DN Fantasyfond


Nikolas, who works as a Junior Analyst at Rosenlund & Co, recently finished in the top 1% (146 out of 22905 players) in DN Fantasyfond. His fund ended the tournament with a return exceeding 20%.

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Rosenlund sells shares of Snowcastle Games AS


Rosenlund & Co AS has sold all shares in Snowcastle Games AS. 

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Rosenlund Bryggerier AS equity raise


Rosenlund Bryggerier has recently raised MNOK 2.114.  

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Rosenlund & Co sells its shares in Pocketzim


Rosenlund & Company has sold all shares in Pocketzim.

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Rosenlund & Co sells its shares in Maxsnus (Sealwacs AB)


Rosenlund & Company has sold all shares in Sealwacs AB (previously Maxsnus).

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DFB AS changes name to Rosenlund Bryggerier AS


DFB AS changes its name to Rosenlund Bryggerier AS to reflect the ownership structure of the company. 

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New employees


The company has added three new employees. Daniel Berg will be working in our sales & marketing department. Furthermore, two interns have been brought on to help the company with its on-going expansion. Visit "Team" to see our new employees.

Financial Report

Invitation to ordinary general assembly for Rosenlund & Co


Rosenlund & Co invites all shareholders to participate in the annual ordinary general assembly. The assembly will be held digitally at 2 pm 20.09.2021. Full invitation is downloadable in "Financial Reports".

Business Meeting

Q2 Result Rosenlund & Co AS


Rosenlund & Co achieved a positive result of 404.000 NOK for the second quarter of 2021.


Production deal with Aas Brewery


DFB AS & Aas Brewery have entered an agreement on production of Birkebeiner Pils. Production will begin as soon as conditions dictate. Initially, kegs will be produced. Later in the fall production will include bottled beer. The parties envision a production volume of up to 400.000 litres distributed between bottles, cans & kegs the coming year.  Aas Brewery will get the responsibility of sales, distribution and marketing of the beer. DFB will provide resources towards marketing in the HORECA-sector. Increased formalization of the partnership is planned for 2022.

Modern Beer Brewery

Maxsnus planning acquisition


Maxsnus is planning an acquisition of a Norwegian e-cigarette company, We Care AS. The shareholders in Maxsnus have signed an LOI for the acquisition. The agreement secures the shareholders in We Care AS around 47% of Sealwacs AB. We Care AS has the largest growth in its market segment in Norway. The company expects a profit in 2021 of NOK 8.2 million, up from NOK 3.6 million in 2020. In order for the acquisition to be valid, it is assumed that Sealwacs AB's acquisition of Maxsnus AS is approved by the annual meeting on 3 June.

Signing Contract

Rosenlund & Co increase its holdings of PocketZim


Rosenlund has acquired 8% of the shares in Pocketzim, and now owns a total of 10% of the shares in Pocketzim AS.


Q1 Result Rosenlund & Co AS


Rosenlund & Co achieved a positive result of 170.000 NOK for the first quarter of 2021.


Monica B. Tvedt proposed as member of the Board of Directors


Monica B. Tvedt is proposed as a new board member of Rosenlund & Co at the next general meeting. Monica B.Tvedt is currently technology director at Forte Digital.

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Rosenlund & Co increase its holdings of Maxsnus AS


Rosenlund & Co has recently increased its holdings in Maxsnus. The company will be listed on the Spotlight Market in May.

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Conversion of equity


Following an offer to convert from DFB AS to Rosenlund & Co AS, Rosenlund now owns approximately 97% of the shares. The company will extend the offer period so that the company hopefully achieves 100% of the shares.

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Rosenlund & Co has acquired equity in Snow Castle AS 


Rosenlund & Co has acquired shares in Snowcastle AS. The company has previously produced the game 'Earthlock', and is now producing the sequel 'Earthlock 2'.

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Operating profit 2020 De Forenede Bryggerier AS


Operating profit 267,943 in 2020 against -689,711 in 2019. Full annual accounts with notes will be posted on the tab Investor Relations - Reports under the company's website.

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New employee in Rosenlund & Co


Nikolas Traavik Nesheim is brought on as an intern. He has a bachelor's degree in Psychology and is currently studying finance.

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Equation value (ligningskurs) Rosenlund & Co AS 2020


Equation value (ligningskurs)  for Rosenlund & Co AS 2020 is 2,771 kr per stock.

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DFB AS retain national manufacturing license


De Forenende Bryggerier has chosen to keep its national manufacturing license, as the company also wants to produce Birkebeiner Pils in cans.

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Rosenlund & Co has acquired equity in PocketZim AS


De Forenende Bryggerier has chosen to keep its national manufacturing license, as the company also wants to produce Birkebeiner Pils in cans.

Aircraft Maintenance

Rosenlund & Co has acquired equity in Maxsnus AS


Rosenlund has today acquired approximately 30,000 shares in Maxsnus for NOK 4 per share. Maxsnus is Norway's fastest growing online store for snus.

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